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How To Give Your Partner a Rusty Trombone

What does Rusty Trombone mean? Rusty trombone is the common name for a sexual act which simultaneously incorporates analingus and manual sex. It gets its name because one partner appears to use the other’s body as a trombone, putting his or her mouth to the anus while stimulating the penis with one hand.
Traditionally, the male partner playing the role of the trombone stands with his knees and back slightly bent and his feet at least shoulder width apart, to expose his anus. His male or female partner kneels behind him to perform analingus, commonly known as rimming or a rim job. With their mouth on the anus, the “trombone player” reaches beneath their partner’s legs, or around his body, to stroke his penis. The rapid, up and down strokes of the hand job resemble the actions of a trombone player.
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1. Talk with your partner about if/how the RT will play out.

Surprise butt stuff is never, ever a good idea. Discuss it first see how your partner reacts, see if they’re open to trying it.

2. Have your partner clean up, but they don’t need to douche.

Showers or at least baby wipes can help you and your partner feel more comfortable about analingus, remember that “it’s unrealistic to expect that a butthole be 100% free of any smells or tastes.

3. You might want to take off your lipstick for this one.

Anything you have on your lips will probably end up on your cheeks, because butt cheeks.

4. Play an overture before you get to the trombone symphony (ugh sorry, foreplay, I’m talking about how you should do foreplay).

“I highly recommend lots and lots of teasing before going straight for the asshole,” sex therapist Vanessa Marin says. “The whole backside area is full of nerve endings, so you don’t want to miss out by going straight for the asshole itself.” She suggests kissing, licking, and stroking that sexy curve between your partner’s thighs and butt cheeks, massaging their cheeks with your hands, and exploring their butt crack and perineum with your fingers. This’ll help them relax and be more receptive to your tongue and lips.

5. You can use lube on both sides, but definitely use it for at least the hand job.

Squeeze a little lube into your hand and, if you like, apply a little to your partner’s anus before the RT.  As far as the hand job goes, lube will reduce friction, meaning more fluid, pleasurable motions. Opt for a silicone or hybrid lube, since it tends to last longer on skin.

6. Steer clear of bacteria and STIs.

STIs can be transmitted through rimming, since viruses and bacteria can transfer from genitals to the anal area and vice versa. You can use a dental dam to decrease your risks, however. Apply a bit of lube on the side of the dam in contact with your partner for a better sensation for them.

7. Have your partner stand or lie on their back.

The most common way to do this is have your partner stand with their legs slightly apart while you kneel behind them, stick your face in their butt, and reach around them to grasp their penis.

8. Use flat, wide tongue strokes.

While every person likes different types of stimulation, broad, flat strokes with the tongue tend to disperse the pressure in a more pleasurable way. If you use your entire tongue and let part of your tongue hit the perineum, you can also indirectly stimulate their prostate, which many folks also enjoy.” After these wide strokes, try honing in on the asshole itself, and working your tongue around it in circles.

9. Improve your HJ game by trying twisting motions, the “infinite hole” technique, and frenulum stimulation.

When you’re giving a rusty trombone you manage anything other than a simple up-and-down-the-shaft motion with your hands. If you want major coordination points, though, try twisting your hand back and forth as you grip the shaft.
Move your hand downward along the shaft, and place your other hand on top of that hand. Before the head reaches the end of your top hand, remove the lower hand and place it on top to continue the sensation. You can do it in the reverse direction, too. Also, that ridge of tissue underneath the penis head? That’s the frenulum — it’s super sensitive, and stimulating it with your thumb and forefingers is generally an A+ move.

10. Ask your partner to return the favor.

You performed the rusty trombone! Now your partner can give you the female-body-specific equivalent and combine rimming with fingering.

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