The Speak No Evil Reimagined: Official Trailer Reveal

Here’s the film’s official synopsis: When an American family is invited to spend the weekend at the idyllic country estate of a charming British family they befriended on vacation, what begins as a dream holiday soon warps into a snarled psychological nightmare.
From Blumhouse, the producer of The Black Phone, Get Out and The Invisible Man, comes an intense suspense thriller for our modern age, starring BAFTA award-winner James McAvoy (Split, Glass) in a riveting performance as the charismatic, alpha-male estate owner whose untrammeled hospitality masks an unspeakable darkness.

Mark your calendars! “Speak No Evil” graces the big screen on September 13, 2024.

Watch Lady Gaga’s Harley Quinn Collide with Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker in ‘Joker: Folie à Deux’ Teaser Trailer

Joaquin Phoenix returns to the screen, once again portraying his Oscar-winning character, Arthur Fleck, in the sequel to Todd Phillips’ 2019 smash hit, Joker. This time, he teams up with Lady Gaga in what promises to be another blockbuster. The highly anticipated sequel, “Joker: Folie à Deux,” will make its debut on the big screen on October 4, 2024, marking precisely five years since the release of the original film.

Bambi: The Reckoning Teaser Trailer

Drawing inspiration from the beloved animated film Bambi, this creation will metamorphose the gentle deer we recognize into a formidable force of nature. Here’s the film’s synopsis: We follow Xana (Roxanne McKee) and her son Benji (Tom Mulheron) who find themselves in a car wreck and soon hunted down by the vicious killing machine, Bambi. Regarding “Bambi: The Reckoning,” an official release date has yet to be announced, but the film is expected to hit theaters sometime this year.

Hunter Schafer Faces Haunting Terrors in ‘Cuckoo’ Trailer

Horror continues to stand as one of the most reliable genres, with audiences reliably showing up to watch new horror movies. The cast of “Cuckoo,” directed by Tilman Singer, includes Hunter Schafer, Dan Stevens, and Jessica Henwick. Here’s the official synopsis: Reluctantly, 17-year-old Gretchen leaves her American home to live with her father, who has just moved into a resort in the German Alps with his new family. Arriving at their future residence, they are greeted by Mr. König, her father’s boss, who takes an inexplicable interest in Gretchen’s mute half-sister Alma. Something doesn’t seem right in this tranquil vacation paradise. Gretchen is plagued by strange noises and bloody visions until she discovers a shocking secret that also concerns her own family.