Infidelity – A topic as ancient as love…

Seducing beautiful woman looking at her lover with wine glass.


… yet, as present as the morning after! Infidelity is also an issue over which – similar to music taste – people argue very extensively. On the other hand – where does cheating begin? Is a brief affair a benefit for a relationship or rather the final end? Are all men faithless, testosterone-driven beasts and women always those who suddenly are faced with the shards of a relationship? Here, a factual attempt of a diplomatic explanation.
Venus & Mars rotate in completely different orbits
In space, fortunately this is true for both, men and women. However, what does it mean figuratively? Many surveys, statistics and the urge to explore of various sexologists, show that women in terms of cheating are much more easy-going, than the oh-so-strong sex. So, for example, an article in the women’s magazine Cosmopolitan (and they certainly know what they are talking about!) cites a survey of a renowned dating agency in England. From 3000 surveyed women, an incredible 25% would embark on an affair. Among the “boys”, there were just 9 percent. The more you research this topic in the WWW, the more often you will find these realities confirmed.
„Love needs closeness – An erotic relationship needs distance!“
This fact is part of a very interesting paper by Prof. Dr. Clement from the Heidelberg Institute for Sexual Research. It philosophizes moreover about the paradox of love and eroticism. An affair purely based on the sex drive, may even be beneficial for a relationship. Thus, a short, hot interlude during a business trip – for example, with an elite escort girl in Dusseldorf or with the bartender at the hotel – is not so bad when the partner can be sure of one thing: the unconditional love of the spouse. This sounds all quite logical, but unfortunately, in the world of emotions, logic rarely speak out. What brings us to the next question:
Where does infidelity start?
Again, of course there is no textbook answer. Finally, feelings are a very personal matter. Well – both sexes naturally agree that once the intimate exchange of body fluids comes into play, the matter is very clear. When it comes to kissing, according to a statistic, women seem to be more sensitive, yet for both sexes, the kiss is at 2nd place. Obvious flirting is considered inappropriate by both sides. Sending secret SMS is something only women find unacceptable. Nevertheless, it is and remains an individual choice – people who have devoted themselves to pure monogamy, will even consider romantic thoughts about another person as a betrayal.
It is, naturally, a very argumentative and extensive subject.