The Pros and Cons of Working as a Webcam Model

Camming has opened up a new chapter in the adult industry. The possibility to watch a live stream of a person performing a sexy, or even explicit show in real-time, is seriously appealing to a bigger part of the audience. Although it has been available for several years now, cam girls have become immensely popular in the past year.

With the huge demand for such content online, the digits show that this is a rather very lucrative field to work in. Therefore, working as a webcam model sure is a profitable job these days. A cam girl salary can vary from $1,000 t0 $6,000 per week which of course depends on the popularity of the individual. As with any job in the adult industry, there are some excellent benefits a person can enjoy but followed by some disadvantages that one needs to be aware of.

Let’s take a look at the aspects that make camming a great career and the parts that might make you back-off from what seems to be a great opportunity to make some serious money.

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You Are Completely in Control


Being a webcam girl means you are your own boss. You decide when and how many hours to spend working, you set your personal limits on how far you can go during the show, and decide on your hourly rate. Along with enjoying the liberty to set up your own schedule and avoid working when you are not in the mood, you are performing and interacting with the audience from a safe distance. Read More

Science Suggests Adult Sex Toys Are Actually Beneficial to Your Health

Science Suggests Adult Sex Toys Are Actually Beneficial to Your Health and We’re Thrilled

In case you needed a reason to buy more adult sex toys, science steps in.

Despite what our mothers told us for decades, masturbating won’t make you go blind, stop growing, or make your hair fall out. Stories like these have perpetuated throughout the ages, giving the impression that masturbation isn’t just dirty- but it can come with some serious health consequences. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, there are actually a number of really excellent physical and mental health benefits that can be gained from engaging in a bit of solo yolo.

As adult sex toys see higher sales than ever as mainstream adoption takes hold, retailers like those at The Pleasure Playhouse fight against these stagnant beliefs. Often hand -in-hand with the world’s top scientists Read More

How Web Cam Chatting Can Improve Your Real Life Sex

Web Cam Chatting

Some people say that using live xxx chat regularly will make you love real sex less. Some say that with such chats, people will stop bonking altogether. Yet others believe, this virtual indulgence will make people very lusty and so they will spend their whole life in bed (with a partner or enjoying sex sessions solo).  So where is the truth? As usual, it is somewhere in-between. Besides, there is one more theory that people do not consider – virtual sex can make your real life sex better. And actually, it is true. At least, so people, both women and men, say in informal interviews. How is that and how can you benefit from it (along the actual orgasms you get from a good live xxx chat)? Read More

JerkDolls – Free Celebrity Sex Game

JerkDolls is a sex game in which you can customize celebrity characters for hardcore gameplay with realistic graphics.

Fuck Your Favorite Celebrities In JerkDolls

We know how much our readers love celebrities and that’s why we decided to recommend this brand new game on our platform. It’s called JerkDolls and it might be the best adult game you ever played. This is one of the titles from the new generation. It was built in HTML5 and it comes with amazing graphics and realistic physics engine. It has a customization menu that lets you recreate anyone you want and it features some character skins that I know you’ll find amazing. Let’s see what makes this game so enjoyable in the paragraphs below.

Customize Celebrity Characters Or Use Ready-Made Skins

One of the best features of the JerkDolls sex game is the customization menu. We saw customization in adult games before, but in those cases things were limited to boobs and ass size or hair color. In JerkDolls there’s so much more you can change about the character you’re building. You can choose her body type and height, her ethnicity, her hairstyle and lots of facial traits. There are also costumes and outfits you can dress her up with and you can give her special sex skills. All these customization options can help you recreate the girl of your dreams and that means you can customize the character to look like your favorite celebrity. At the same time, the game comes with lots of character skins based on famous babes such as Beyonce, Scarlet Johansson, Jenifer Lawrence or Emma Watson. The game is getting skins uploaded on a regular basis, so you should check it every now and then for even more famous babes who are ready to be enjoyed in the adult gameplay.

Read More

Safer Sex in the Time of COVID-19

Self love may be the best sex you can have in 2020

New York City, In New York State, has long been the epicenter of the US coronavirus. Covid-19 wreaked full scale havoc on the city in April 2020. Resulting in over 407,000 confirmed cases and 32,000 deaths. However, the city has since taken some pretty extreme precautions, resulting in a massive dip in cases. Some such advice wasn’t just about staying six feet apart and avoiding public spaces though. The state has recently revealed it’s strategies on minimizing the spread through another common avenue: sex.

The city has created a clinical “how to”, breaking down best practice when it comes to adult sexual relations. Providing suggestions and methods that can help keep you and your partner safe, while still getting to enjoy one another. One of the most controversial practices they put forth was that of “sexy zoom ‘parties’”. But Ella Paradis, a company specializing in adult sex toys, say there might be something to this, using adult sex toys to stay safe while keeping satisfied.

Six Feet to Safety

We’ve all heard that the best way to avoid contracting COVID-19 is by staying at home, self-isolating, or practicing social distancing if you do have to go out. For many Americans, and people the world over, this has dealt a frustrating and devastating blow to their social circles and a drain on mental health. Intimacy and human contact are both incredibly important parts of our lives, and our mental health. Sex is also a perfectly normal and natural drive amongst consenting adults. So how exactly do you keep yourself safe while still satisfying urges?

Distance is definitely the best option, but when it becomes difficult to achieve scientists are suggesting the following:

  • Ask your partner if they’ve had any symptoms relating to coronavirus, or if they’ve tested positive for COVID- 19.
  • Wear a mask- yes, even during the deed. Masks can help reduce the amount of respiratory particles that enter the shared air, especially during times of heavy breathing.
  • Try to keep it in your…house? Science suggests that if you need to get down, it’s safest to choose a concerting sexual partner that you already live with.
  • Avoid large gatherings for now and try getting down online instead. Using video conferencing apps, sexting, and online dating instead of a face to face meet up.
  • Throw in some sex toys. Visiting your local adult sex shop online is simple and easy. Many of them will even deliver items directly to your door, making a standard zoom meeting with your partner much, much better.
  • If you do wind up having sex with someone outside of your normal circle- strongly consider self-isolating for two weeks, while monitoring yourself for possible symptoms.

The city’s health services also suggests making “it a little kinky”. Which means that sex toys are here to save the day.

Sex Toys + Vibrators For All Adults

Adult sex toys not only offer fun and fabulous times during standard life, but can also help us connect and blossom during COVID life. Toys like vibrators, creative gimp masks, barriers, cushions, masturbators… the list goes on. All of these items and more offer a fun and functional option when it comes to socially distanced sex.

There are a number of excellent toys to employ in your “Work From Home” arsenal. From ultra-discreet vibrators, that can be controlled from across the room, to silicon masturbators that provide an incredible feel and at the same time are super easy to clean and maintain. The truth is, sex toys aren’t just for the bedroom anymore- especially if your lock down is making you feel more locked out of your social life. Which is a common theme amongst most young adults during COVID times. This is largely because this demographic doesn’t have kids or cohabitate with significant others. Making it feel difficult to connect- especially if your roommates are actually Mom and Dad.

Notably, people aged 18 – 28 have been found to be amongst the most likely to break quarantine rules in order to socialize and -let’s face it- have sex. Largely because this demographic is less likely to be working from home, and far less likely to have the same responsibilities or household structures that older demographics do. However, don’t discount the rest of us! Older adults, namely those 32+ have many good reasons to be investing in quarantine approved sex toys, like vibrators.

Largely because these populations feel a greater responsibility to abide by shelter-in-place guidelines, as a growing concern towards elderly parents, chronic disease, or young children keeps their conscious crawling. But it doesn’t stop that natural, biological drive, noisily toiling away in the background of our minds. Especially during the few short minutes of reprieve in a day that’s filled to the brim with zoom meetings. Making discreet adult toys an absolute must- no matter what COVID category you find yourself in.