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The Ultimate Guide on How to Convince Your Girlfriend to Have a Threesome

The Ultimate Guide on How to Convince Your Girlfriend to Have a Threesome - cam girls live

(Creator: Bruni Van der Kraan | Credits: Unsplash)

Can you force your wife or girlfriend to have a threesome? No. And nor should you attempt to convince them to do something she clearly doesn’t want to do, as it could end up costing you your relationship.

But if you genuinely think she might (just possibly) be up for the idea, it’s definitely something you’ll want to bring up.

The question is…how?

It is, undoubtedly, one of the most awkward and difficult conversations to attempt to have with a romantic partner. You’ve no idea how she will react, so you’re heading into uncharted territory.

On the plus side, there are ways and means to go about the whole thing that are less likely to backfire than others. If you’re determined to get the conversation of the reasons brought up and would prefer it not to be a disaster, here’s how to go about it:

Bring it up hypothetically

This is where you bring the topic up without actually admitting it is something you want to do, or making it obvious that you’re trying to coax her in that direction. For example, you could say something like “Did you know XXX had a threesome last month? Can you imagine?” or “Are threesomes something you’ve ever thought about? Personally, I’m not so sure.” Her immediate reaction may give you all the information you need to know whether or not you should take things any further.

Focus on her wants and needs

If she does seem open to the idea, try not to make it all about you. In fact, do your best to make it all about her. You could be on the verge of something fantastic here, so it’s essential not to come across as too selfish or needy. Find out exactly what kind of action she’d been to, and don’t be prudish about the idea of an MMF threesome. After all, why should it exclusively be about bringing another warming into the mix for your pleasure?

Suggest having a virtual threesome first

Hooking up with cam girls live can be a great way to try things out in a ‘virtual’ capacity, before moving on to the real deal. This includes threesomes – why not involve a third party remotely, in order to see how the whole thing works out for both of you? If the involvement of a third party who’s not physically with you at the time gets you both hot, you’ll probably get an even bigger kick out of a real threesome. If not, it might not be for you.

Set ground rules

It should be you who insists on setting ground rules before anything takes place, so that she takes confidence in the fact that you’re not planning to rush into things without taking her feelings into consideration. The ground rules you set need to be mutually amicable, based on the limitations of what you are both willing to do, and willing to let each other do. If there is anything whatsoever that she says is off-limits, don’t try to convince her to let you do it.

Give her time to think about it

One of the best ways of drawing the whole thing to an unsuccessful conclusion is to attempt to rush her into making a decision. This is the worst thing you can do, as ensures a complete lack of consideration and respect. Again, you’re supposed to be making it sound as if the whole thing is for the benefit of you both. By giving her as much time as she likes to think about it, you give the impression it’s not such a massive deal, and she’s more likely to say yes (eventually).

Respect her decision

Last but not least, the simple fact of the matter is that she may say no. She might reject the idea outright, or appear to be giving it genuine thought, only to disappoint you further down the line. Whatever the outcome, you need to respect her decision. A threesome only works when all three of you are equally into the idea, and have consented to what takes place. If she says no (or gives the impression that she is not into it), then the answer is no…end of story. No begging, no pleading, and no attempting to convince her to do something she clearly does not want to do.


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Can Watching Movies Help You with Adult Hookups?

Donna D’ErricoNow, you’ve probably spent some time in front of the silver screen. You’ve probably watched all sorts of action movies or even comic book movies and had a good time. Now, if you’re reading this, you’ve also tried online dating sites and your experience there is probably a mixed bag. If you’re like most guys, the experience probably tilts more towards the negative than the positive.

You may be scratching your head and saying to yourself, what the fuck does watching movies have to do with stepping up your game as far as adult hookups go? Well, you have to understand that when you watch a movie, you’re not just sitting back like a sack of potatoes and letting the content hit you. It’s not a completely passive experience.

You can take two people and put them in front of a silver screen and the movie would play out and interview them afterwards. Chances are quite good that they picked on two totally different story lines. Chances are quite good that two different people can watch the exact same movie with the exact same plot lines, with the exact same information and walk away with two completely different interpretations of the movie.

This is natural, this happens all the time, and this is completely expected because that’s how humans are wired. We are all different. We have different experiences, we have different perspectives. We take information and we fit it into our personal narrative.

Now, I want you to wrap your mind around this principle of personal narrative because that’s what makes movie watching possible. A movie would only make sense and would only be entertaining if we fit it into our existing narrative. This is exactly the principle that you need to identify, zero in on, to master adult hook ups.

Watching movies and being mindful of your thought processes and how you put meaning together can help you when it comes to milf hookup. How? Very simple. When you put together an adult dating profile and you start messaging women, a lot of them would respond. Not the vast majority, but enough of them would respond. Now, depending on how you interpret that information, you can position yourself to succeed, or you can position yourself to fail. Read More