I was Afraid of Online Hook Up Websites… Not Anymore


You can say I’m a very skeptical guy. I’m the type of dude that if you burn me once, shame on you. If you burn me twice, shame on me. I really don’t like looking like a fool, not in front of anybody and definitely not in front of myself. I guess you could call me a proud person. I definitely have my standards. I’d stick to my principles. There’ve been many times where I have lost quite a bit of money just because I stuck to my principles. That’s the kind of guy I am.


I don’t like being fooled. I don’t like being ripped off. I don’t like having the wool pulled over my eyes. Well, given that attitude you can probably tell that I’m not exactly the first guy that gets all excited about online hook up websites. In fact, I’d probably be the first guy to call out such websites and label them as rip offs, frauds, or outright scams.


Now, this doesn’t mean that I’m getting pussy left and right. In fact, if you were to look at my social life I’d be the target audience for those types of websites. I really don’t go out that much. A lot of my business is done online and I spend most of my time reading. I’m the perfect customer for such websites. As you probably can tell, guys who go out regularly going to dance clubs and singles’ bars probably don’t need much help as far as online dating is concerned. They probably are getting quite a bit of action and any pussy that they get from mobile dating apps like Tinder or adult dating sites like HookupXXX are simply extra gravy.


On the other hand, I’m the dude that could use as much help as I can, but the problem is my attitude. I guess, if you were to look at where all that distress is coming from, it really all boils down to fear. I don’t like being burned. I don’t like feeling that I’ve put in all the time, effort and energy into something only to leave empty-handed. It’s happened to me several times in the past and I don’t want that feeling. I don’t want that mental realization of feeling that I got chumped.


However, a rock with water dripping over it eventually gives way no matter how hard it is. I was just like that. You see, a lot of my friends keep telling me that they keep hooking up with women, particularly Asian women, through online hook up websites. At first, I thought they were just fucking around. I thought they were just joking with me, but it turns out that they’re actually hooking up. And we’re not talking about ugly Asian chicks here. We’re talking about pretty damn good-looking, tight, brown-skinned, beautiful, exotic-looking women from the tropics and Southeast Asia. Really good stuff.


But I could not get myself to pull the trigger, you know. I still definitely got my butt planted firmly on the fence. So, what got me off the fence? Very simple, necessity. My ex-girlfriend just said something to me that really depressed me and pissed me off. She said I was going to die lonely. I guess the part of me that got all motivated to try online hook up sites is simply the drive to prove her wrong.


So, I got on and sure enough there were all sorts of bullshit fake profiles. I can tell they’re fake because a lot of those so-called women were using the pictures of porn stars. I hope you can see what’s wrong with that picture so I dropped those websites and then I joined other online hook up websites and the same pattern prevailed. I was about to give up until I ran into this hook up site that turned out to be the real deal.


The thing that really got my attention was the fact that there weren’t too many women there. That is actually a good indicator that you are at a real website. If you go to a dating website and it seems that there are more women there than men, you might want to look deeper. Beneath the surface, you could tell that these are software driven or fake profiles.


So, anyway I was doing some database searches for my local area and I got my search down to 20 women. I know that this was going to be a numbers game and I know that if I need to hook up with just one, I probably would need to hit 100, but unfortunately only 20 available real women were in my area so, I did something new. Normally, in such a situation I would be the guy that’s basically chasing desperately after the chick trying to say all sorts of bullshit to get her to like me. I didn’t do any of that shit.


Instead of focusing on getting them to like me, I focused on getting them to pay attention to me. These are two totally different things. When somebody is paying attention to you, they are noticing your personality. You have given them an opportunity to look at you for who you really are. At least, you get them to look at you based on the persona you present online. Whatever the case may be, it’s not about me kissing their ass.


Sure enough, it worked really well. I met Sabina and she is a lot of fun. She is from Thailand and while her English isn’t that good, she knows how to fuck. It was really good shit and the best part is there’s no emotional strings or any of that bullshit attached. She’s a very busy girl. She’s got her career and we get along really well. So, not only do I get a fuck partner but I actually get a good friend.


This is the kind of relationship that works on both our terms. We’re not trying to live up to society’s bullshit standards. We’re not trying to please somebody. We’re not doing things out of obligation. We basically kissed all that bullshit goodbye. This is probably one of the most liberating experiences of my life and this has definitely made me a believer in hook up websites.