Amy Fantasy: The Behavior of a Porn Model on Social Media

What’s in a name?

Well, when you’re America’s favorite NSFW Cosplay porn model Amy Fantasy- pretty much everything. Amy Fantasy, the aptly named porn princess of Puerto Rican descent, is more than aware of the appeal of cosplay. She has been selling fantasy to enthusiasts across the globe. Amy is far more than just your standard porn princess. One glance at @AmyFantasy Instagram feed showcases not only her natural talent for cosplay, but also a serious body and lust for life.

Her smile and brilliant ahegao look (read: Japanese O-face) are more than enough to get our poke-balls tingling. But, watching this star lick the suckers off of a tentacle on a video posted to her profile on, brings us to our knees. Amy Fantasy takes her influence from a range of our favorites: Anime, Manga, cartoons of yesteryear, and even video games. Don’t tell me that after 8 hours of straight game play, you haven’t given Final Fantasy X player Rikku a sneaky second glance. There’s something about the futuristic sex appeal of a perfectly drawn video game character that draws more than just innocent attention. Read More