7 Reasons why Russian Women Are the Best for Marriage

The whole world is crazy about the Russian ladies. It turns that James Bond is not the only one who prefers these fascinating women. The researchers say that every single foreigner who uses online dating services at least once has written to a girl from Russia. You will not find more myths, stereotypes or controversial facts about any other woman in the world except the Russian one. The same amount of flood can be found about their advantages. Some well-known facts tend to be modified from country to country, however evidently the truth about these fantastic females remain unchanged.

In this article, we want to talk about the real pros of the Russian girls including the benefits of marrying a Russian woman. Therefore, if you are in doubt whether to chat with the females of this nationality, keep on reading.

  1. True partners

Most of the Russian women profess the Christian religion. That is why, they are brought up to become reliable, supportive and even inspirational partners. Russian ladies will not only help you with anything you will ask despite changing their plans, but also will motivate you to reach new tops, achieve more important goals. European or American women, in contrary, usually expect a major support from a man. The aim of a Christian wife is to be a good home front, so that you, a man, the head of the family could fight and eventually win.

  1. Preservers of the hearth

Even if a Russian woman works 10 hours a day, the house she lives in still will remain a cozy, comfortable, your very own place you rush to from work. This is about not only the taste in interior, but also the ability to keep a house clean and tidy, the fridge stuffed with delicious food and rooms filled with sweet fragrances.

  1. A good listener

After a difficult working day, sitting at the dinner table you will be able to share your ups and downs with a Russian female. Be sure that she is going to let you speak first without any interruptions. The true and sometimes very straightforward comments and conclusions will follow your speech. Nothing can motivate you more than a true and healthy criticism.

  1. Organized

Self-discipline is one of the most important and positive values for any Russian woman. You should not worry whether your shirt will be ironed or breakfast served in time. If you wish to relax on the weekend, you can easily entrust your day’s planning to a wife. Such a useful treat of character will work amazingly with the kids.

  1. Perfect mothers

Best entertaining skills, super hands or lips that check the temperature more accurately than any thermometer, supernatural speed when a baby holds a spoon full of cereal in its hand or mumbles “Pee”…These and many other facts make a Russian woman a really good mom. The children top their priorities lists and make them ultimate focus on the babies.

  1. Intellectual beings

The famous Pink Floyd hit is definitely not the motto of the Russian women. Education is an important part of their life that increases the chances to realize themselves, be successful and independent. This is not only about their fluency in English. The majority of Russian women graduated from universities. It is interesting to know that they try to develop their worldview even after getting married and bringing up children by reading various books.

  1. They look stunning

Another intriguing fact is an average weight of a typical Russian woman. Only 69 kilos in comparison to American 76. However, the way a woman looks after herself is rather more essential than what she got from nature. Russian women manage to spend minutes in front of the mirrors and still look fresh, young and fashionable. To say nothing of the heels, short dresses and red lipsticks as the must-haves of the Russian lady’s look.