Celebrities and Stocking Tease

Stocking TeaseIs there anything hotter than a sexy stocking tease from a gorgeous celebrity? There’s just something about it that makes your heart start to palpitate. You already know the celebrity is hot. That’s why you’re looking at her in the first place. But then, the tease happens and you can never really be sure if it was intentional or not. Did her skirt ride up to show off where the stockings end on her hot thighs? Was it a wardrobe malfunction? Is she secretly an exhibitionist? Did the feeling of showing herself off to millions of people ruin her panties for the rest of the day? There are always questions that need to be answered, but maybe not knowing for sure is best. You can always imagine your favorite scenario while you watch the video over and over again on your phone.

It’s always been a thing

Take a few seconds to Google around and you’re going to see that celebrities have been teasing with their stockings for years. Even Marilyn Monroe got in on the stocking tease action. She was a woman who knew she was desired and she leaned right into it. You can find tons of pictures with her standing and siting in her sexy stockings. One of the most famous images of her involves her laying on her bed with her cute little stocking covered feet up in the air. You can even find her sitting in front of a romantic fireplace with her skirt tantalizingly riding up her thigh. You can’t help but know that deep down, she’s doing it on purpose. Her hand is playfully placed on her hemline with a seductive but happy smile on her face. She was a celebrity who knew that her sexy legs and stocking tease would take her very far in life.

It’s still a thing

Much more recently, almost any female celebrity can be seen in her stockings. Charlize Theron loves to make some quick cash by posing in designer nylons. She’s selling her sex appeal in stockings and she loves it. Even a woman like Emma Stone isn’t above spreading her legs and giving a nice stocking tease. She may play some tough female characters, but she’s really just a hot girl who likes to show herself off and there’s nothing wrong with that. She knows what she’s got and she’s very willing to flaunt it.

You can make the most out of your love of stockings

Modern life is amazing, and that’s not an understatement. The future has connected us in ways that we never could have imagined in the past. Not only can you see these celebrities in their stocking tease gear, but you can partake in it as well. Sites like scentedpansy.com let you literally buy the stockings from the women who are wearing them. It works just like any other site where you buy things. You log on and check out images of all the stocking that are currently up for sale. These women will wear them for as long as you want, then ship them off to you. You don’t have to be left just wondering what those stockings on the hot girl would feel or smell like. You can find out for yourself. In fact, you can even add a few extras. Most of the women will take requests for any kind of stocking tease that you want to see. You can get exactly what you want and it’s all nearly instantaneous. That image of Marilyn Monroe can be recreated just for you. That’s the beauty of living in the future.