How to Get Free Nudes Online

Alessandra Sironi NudeIf you’re looking to get sexy snaps from your significant other… we don’t blame you! Although porn—free and otherwise—abounds online, exchanging nudes with someone you know and like is different. However, as you’ve probably noticed, getting nude pictures from a crush or chat room buddy is also different. Sites like are a perfect please to get nudes from your partner. Unlike simple click-and-pay porn, requesting photos from someone you know engages your social and emotional skills and it’s important to think about the feelings of the real person on the other end. So, how do you get free nudes online? Just follow our top tips.

1.Be Respectful

You might notice that some of our nudes-related tips are similar to our suggestions for adult chat room etiquette. That’s because the general principle “don’t be a creep” can be applied to pretty much every online interaction. Because sure, you can randomly ask anyone for nudes… but unless you go about it the right way, don’t be surprised if you get instantly blocked. (We’re guessing that’s not the result you’re hoping for). So, if you’re looking for more positive results, then are looking for more positive results, then avoiding responses like, “Hey girl, show me your boobs,” is a great place to start.

That’s why we suggest that you begin by building trust first. Don’t just message people out of the blue and make them feel objectified. Take time to get to know them as a person. Actually have a conversation and let them get to know you in return. It’s no surprise that sending naked pictures is a risk in the digital age, and people are afraid of their pics ending up online. So, if you want to be a person who doesn’t get blocked, the solution is simple: don’t be a dick. Show the person you’re chatting with that it’s safe to trust you, that you’re not going to post their photo all over the internet or send it to all your friends. Show people they’re safe with you, and back up that impression with honesty that rewards their trust.

2.Set the Mood Before You Send Snaps

Remember what we said about not sexting people out of the blue? Demanding nudes with no prior flirtation definitely falls under the “Creep” category, so stay away from that. (Plus, if you start by acting like a respectful human being, that won’t even be on the table). But assuming you’ve already built a positive rapport with the person (or people) you’re asking for nudes, going one step farther by setting the mood is critical. Start by flirting with them a bit and making them feel sexy. If they want to send you pictures, then there’s no element of creepiness or force, and everything becomes a lot more fun and consensual.

Step up your dirty texting game and learn what works for them. Once you’ve mastered the art of safely and successfully turning them on, you’re good to go!

3.Know Your Nude Game

If you’re ready and willing to put the first two steps in action but a little unsure about how, don’t sweat it! We’ve got your back.

  • Think about your partner as a person

Whether or not you’re dating the person you’re sexting, this seems pretty obvious. But because people often get lost in the anonymity of the internet, forgetting how to behave, we thought it was worth reiterating. So, think about what you would do if you met somebody in real life. Would you walk up to them on the street and flash them right off? (We seriously hope not).

So, you shouldn’t do the sexting equivalent of that. Start off slow and set the mood in a normal way, weaving subtle hints into the conversation so they know where you’re going with it. Try casual convo starters like, “How was your day?” and respond with something like, “My day would be better if you were here,” or tell them you’ve been thinking about them all day. This helps guide the conversation in a sexy direction without sounding like a perv.

  • Know what turns them on

Keep in mind that what turns you on may not be the same thing for them. And if you think only of yourself when sexting, you’re unlikely to get the results you want. So, pay attention to the conversational cues they give you, any info you have about their tastes and fantasies, and flirt accordingly. Also, this should go without saying, but avoid texting slang and misspelling. Because whether your partner is a grammar Nazi or not, nothing kills the mood faster than spelling errors that make them wonder what you were trying to say, or abbreviations that make them wonder if you’re just stupid.

  • Compliment their body

Whether you’ve met in person or you’re just flirting over the interwebs, this applies. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve ever seen them at this point; the only thing that changes is how you flirt.

If you have seen their body: Be specific in your compliments. Tell them how great they looked in that outfit, praise their sense of style, or their awesome eyes. Doing this not only shows your respect and appreciation for them, it shows you’re attentive to detail, and that’s always a plus. And if you’ve actually seem them naked before, tell them how amazing they look without clothes. (Pro tip: add how much you miss them seeing them naked for subtle bonus points and an easy segue into more nudes).

If you haven’t: Obviously, in order to give body-specific compliments—especially compliments about their naked body—you have to have actually seen it first. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still compliment their body. Tell them how much you love their personality and you think about them all the time. Tell them how much you want to see what they look like, how beautiful or sexy you imagine them being. That way, you can show that you’re invested in them as a person and committed to giving not-creepy compliments.

To sum it all up, asking for nudes isn’t as hard as it seems. It’s just a little harder than typing, “Send me some nudes,” which isn’t likely to get you what you want anyway.