Massage Trends for 2020: Body Rubs and Scrubs

2019 was a stressful year to be sure, why not let those frustrations melt away in the capable hands of a masseuse?

Many trends are breaking molds in 2020. Fashion is giving a nod to the ’80s, Pantone’s color is “classic blue”, and the whole world seems to be on the enough train. The trends predicted to be the biggest hits in the near future, also seem to be embracing the past. Which is why we’re here to tell you about body rubs.

Body rubs are centuries old. With influences from ancient Asian cultures, this specific type of massage is making a comeback in a big way. Gliding off the back of the organic and holistic health trends, body rubs and scrubs are the best way to practice being present according to some.

What Are Body Rubs?

“Body rubs are a sensual way to help improve circulation, reduce stress and release oxytocin,” says the pro at Elite Indulgence, a site that specializes in providing these “new wave” massages. Using influences for the ancient techniques practised in China, Japan, and India, these massages are much more intimate than your standard sports massage.

“When most people hear the term ‘erotic massage’ they instantly think of sex, but the art of eroticism is less about sex and so much more about the whole body and mind stimulation.” While it’s been shown that general massages do wonders to improve circulation, what body rubs offer is so much more. The technique requires that the masseur use their entire body, instead of just their hands, to perform the massage.

“It’s similar to cuddling and the buoyant mental effect that we enjoy from that” the company says. Professional cuddlers made some serious headlines throughout the late 20-teens, as a way of promoting human contact and increasing oxytocin release from human touch.

Body scrubs work in a similar manner, but instead of aromatic oils, masseurs use a less abrasive exfoliant (like sugar scrubs) to gently stimulate the epidermis while at the same time exciting muscular circulation. They can also serve to brighten skin and may even help combat problems like painful back acne. “The sensations that you get from either technique are truly meditative. Allowing your brain to dim it’s focused on events and recenter on sensation.”

Holistic Healing With Body Rubs

Body rubs aren’t just for men, but can also provide innumerable benefits to women as well. Some studies suggest that women’s brains are better tuned to multi-tasking, which means that they can more easily compartmentalize unique and individual sensations. During a body rub, multiple areas of the body are stimulated at once making it less easy for the woman to focus on situations outside of the room, bringing them starkly into the present. Which can mean a better overall experience from a body rub over that of a traditional massage.

Holistic trends have made a big comeback in the last ten years, and many people see this trend continuing. “I think that as we become more comfortable with things that may seem foreign or odd to us, we’ll be able to open up to better consciousness.” With greater focuses on mental health, physical health, and personal care, the trends of 2020 are sure to include these types of total body massages. It’s easy to see the burgeoning use of holistic health in the increase in vegetarian and vegan foods, as well as the renewed popularity of yoga and meditation.

Society has reached a breaking point. Where there is only so far you can push a human being until they are left utterly without energy and motivation. We have spent the last fifty years seeing just how far we can push people without giving them an appropriate outlet for their strains. Increases in mental and physical health disorders can be seen globally, with problems arising from the irresponsible use of pharmaceuticals. Which can go a long way to explain why the shift for increased consideration of personal care.

2020 hopes to be the “Year of Self-Care” and that’s definitely one trend we’re firmly behind, even if the fashion and color trends raise a brow. According to the Global Wellness Institute, the global wellness market is valued at $4.2 Trillion currently. Which shows an increase of 12.8% since 2015. With expectations confident that that number will only continue to grow.

These self positive trends have even reached into the parenting sector, reaching more adults than ever. So while you’re booking that yoga session and buying that sustainable water bottle, you might check out a whole body rub session to ensure that 2020 is all about wellness.