JerkDolls – Free Celebrity Sex Game

JerkDolls is a sex game in which you can customize celebrity characters for hardcore gameplay with realistic graphics.

Fuck Your Favorite Celebrities In JerkDolls

We know how much our readers love celebrities and that’s why we decided to recommend this brand new game on our platform. It’s called JerkDolls and it might be the best adult game you ever played. This is one of the titles from the new generation. It was built in HTML5 and it comes with amazing graphics and realistic physics engine. It has a customization menu that lets you recreate anyone you want and it features some character skins that I know you’ll find amazing. Let’s see what makes this game so enjoyable in the paragraphs below.

Customize Celebrity Characters Or Use Ready-Made Skins

One of the best features of the JerkDolls sex game is the customization menu. We saw customization in adult games before, but in those cases things were limited to boobs and ass size or hair color. In JerkDolls there’s so much more you can change about the character you’re building. You can choose her body type and height, her ethnicity, her hairstyle and lots of facial traits. There are also costumes and outfits you can dress her up with and you can give her special sex skills. All these customization options can help you recreate the girl of your dreams and that means you can customize the character to look like your favorite celebrity. At the same time, the game comes with lots of character skins based on famous babes such as Beyonce, Scarlet Johansson, Jenifer Lawrence or Emma Watson. The game is getting skins uploaded on a regular basis, so you should check it every now and then for even more famous babes who are ready to be enjoyed in the adult gameplay.

Realistic Gameplay Features

The awesomeness of this game is not only based on the fact that you can bang famous chicks in it. The way you bang them is also worth mentioning. The gameplay lets you explore so many of your fantasies. No matter what kink or position you want to try, in the virtual world of JerkDolls you are free to do so. You even have toys you can use during the gameplay. The physics engine of the game is making everything seem so realistic. The boobs and asses of the babes will bounce pleasantly, their facial expressions will be in concordance with what you do to them and they will even moan louder and breath heavier when you go harder on them.

You can play JerkDolls right now, with no registration and no downloads. Everything is completely free and it’s available on both computer and mobile. The site that hosts JerkDolls also comes with so many other games, including puzzle adult games, dating and sex life simulators or card games and board games for adults. On top of that, if you like sexy cartoon characters like Lois Griffin, Marge Simpson or Kim Possible, you can also play some good cartoon porn games on that same site.