The Pros and Cons of Working as a Webcam Model

Camming has opened up a new chapter in the adult industry. The possibility to watch a live stream of a person performing a sexy, or even explicit show in real-time, is seriously appealing to a bigger part of the audience. Although it has been available for several years now, cam girls have become immensely popular in the past year.

With the huge demand for such content online, the digits show that this is a rather very lucrative field to work in. Therefore, working as a webcam model sure is a profitable job these days. A cam girl salary can vary from $1,000 t0 $6,000 per week which of course depends on the popularity of the individual. As with any job in the adult industry, there are some excellent benefits a person can enjoy but followed by some disadvantages that one needs to be aware of.

Let’s take a look at the aspects that make camming a great career and the parts that might make you back-off from what seems to be a great opportunity to make some serious money.

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You Are Completely in Control


Being a webcam girl means you are your own boss. You decide when and how many hours to spend working, you set your personal limits on how far you can go during the show, and decide on your hourly rate. Along with enjoying the liberty to set up your own schedule and avoid working when you are not in the mood, you are performing and interacting with the audience from a safe distance.

In the adult industry, there is a thin line between work and abuse which is exactly what makes individuals stay away even if they like and enjoy doing it. With camming, things are different. Not that you won’t be bullied or insulted, there will be a lot of that too, but you can always just turn off your camera and get out of the live room in a second. Moreover, a cam girl has the chance to form an audience of loyal fans and constant followers that respect and love to watch her while being the source of steady income.

….but You Need Discipline

Being completely in control and not having to abide by someone else’s rules or schedule it’s not all great. Sometimes it might be hard to get motivated and turn on the camera. Although you have no boss, the audience puts the same amount of pressure. In order to make money, you need to become a serious competitor. Be always there for your followers, entertain them, take their requests to make them tip you well, and make sure they’ll come to your next show.

Apart from having to motivate yourself and possibly have a strict time for your daily shows, to help yourself and gain a regular fan base, you would need to take care of the promotion of your webcam persona. Although the demand for shows is massive, the competition is no lighter. You need to be promoting yourself and interacting with your fans on different social media, tease them, and reward them with excellent content.

You Can Make Serious Money

Yes, a camgirl can make a lot of money in a short period of time. The possibility is there but it’s not easy. Taking into consideration what was said above, apart from the live show you will need to put some hard work into promotion. Only girls that have worked hard to gain the attention of many eyeballs are enjoying big earnings.

Another factor that predetermines your salary is the platform that you are working on. It’s advisable to always be streaming on more than one website and have a profile on OnlyFans and similar subscription-based platforms. In the end, your overall earnings really depend on tips that you may win if you are interacting with your audience and take their requests for the live show.

…but Not Everyone will Like You or Pay for the Show

Insults are part of the job, that is a fact. Not everyone that comes into your live show will like you or for some reason, they will want to humiliate you. Spectators can say that you are ugly and you shouldn’t be a cam model or comment/suggest on your “awful” show. No one is immune to insults so your confidence will be hit but do not let this stop you from doing great. Do not even try to make everybody like you, there will always be a group that admires your looks and performance. It might also frustrate you if someone is watching you for a while but not tipping at all. With most websites shows are free but it’s expected from the viewers to tip the girl they’ve chosen to watch. Many of them are there to watch a free show so do not pay any attention and keep entertaining the generous guys.

Copyright: Unsplash | CC0 Public Domain

Popularity – Advantage or Disadvantage?

Once you are in the game and strive towards making money, you should be aware that you will be a popular person. So you should decide whether being a popular cam girl is to your advantage or disadvantage. If a girl looks at this as a long-term career being popular and recognizable as a webcam model is certainly a great advantage. As with any person in show biz being in the spotlight will bring you many new followers and money, of course!

On the other hand, if you like to keep it low key there are many ways you can keep your privacy. There is the option to stream without showing your face, but it’s known to bring less money. You can also choose to block certain countries of choice. Moreover, there are platforms where the audience is only US or UK based so you can navigate where you think you can’t be seen by someone who can recognize you. Keep in mind that whatever goes on the internet stays there forever and it also might be saved on someone’s device. Threfroe, if you are looking at camming as a side-hustle, or a temporary thing, be extra careful and plan everything before you start. The truth is, your camming career may affect your future career endeavors if you see yourself in other fields of work.

But, as it was said in the beginning – you are your own boss, you have complete control over your shows, so you can relax, enjoy and make some serious money!