IS Covid-19 killing your Libido? Special health tips to spice up your love again


You need not be afraid of the Covid-19 killing your Libido. It’s almost expected, and everybody has to go through the same frustration as you currently are. The good news is that your Libido could spring back to life in no time if you follow some health-related tips.

Since the Covid-19 has caused the imposition of bans in social gathering and restriction in movement, both married and singles have had their fair share of the outcome.

Yes, married couples are also affected in some ways. Social distancing has not only caused havoc in the community. Our health, psychological, and sex life were also affected. However, unknowing to others, it’s nothing to worry about.

Be sure to note that not wanting to have sex during a pandemic is normal, although some factors contribute to this feeling.

Why am I having low Libido?

As established earlier, not wanting to have sex during the pandemic lockdown is normal. However, some relative factors might be catalyzing these behaviors casing the “No sex” response. Here are a few of them:

Anxiety and stress

One of the first few negative responses a handful of individuals suffered during the lockdown is fear and stress. The moment the record of death cases started hitting the internet, several persons began losing their appetites and zeal for any positive impact.

Since the mind is not at rest, it automatically and psychologically affects the Libido. Stress doesn’t have to be physical.

There is emotional as well as financial stress, which in this case is very common. It affected most men dying the lockdown as there are no feasible means to cater for the family.

Since people have sex based on several reasons for which pleasure is apart –it becomes almost impossible to concentrate on the sex knowing there no food in the cabinet to last the following week!

Spending too much time with your partner

As funny as this may sound, it might be one of the reasons why your Libido is so low. A scenario where you and your spouse sees one another once a week becomes a streak where you see 24/7.

The excitement and the happiness derived from the expectation of seeing your partner at the end of the day or a week becomes annulled. It’s only normal for space to step on each other’s nerve to be created. Peradventure you are married; it’s even more frustrating to have the entire house with chores to be done repeatedly.

It becomes almost impossible to want to get down with your partner after a heavy day of stress and grumpiness.

You need not worry about these stressors as is about to take them all away in no time. Here are some of the ways in which you can recover your Libido back to its former pace

How to cultivate a healthy Libido after the CoviD-19 pandemic

Getting your Libido back to default or even better is much possible with the right choice and the right tips. All you need to do is rest well, think less and eat healthy food.

The Libido is not an on and off switch, so it’s not what you can trigger within hours and expect responses that instant. It would help if you did the following.

Rest more often

Creating time to rest after the day’s work is one of the most effective ways to get your Libido up and kicking. Take routine time to sleep. Having a sound afternoon sleep and scheduled nap is also a very active way of resting. It helps you get yourself together and ready for the day’s drill.

Take care of your mental health

While most people might believe there are no known correlations between your mental health and your Libido, by now, you should understand the connection.

Once you can’t get your mind at rest, your mental health becomes a mess, affecting your Libido with proportional effects. So, when you are stressed, you suffer a reduction in Libido.

Hence, make sure you take care of your mental health by engaging in recreations, seeing a movie, and playing video games.

Eat healthy food and take fruits more often

There are some fruits known as Libido boosters. You might want to lay your hands on fruits in this category. Bananas are perfect examples. Eating more bananas has proven to affect the Libido positively.

Make sure you eat balanced diets to keep you in shape and your body in excellent health condition.

Get yourself the Power Cap

Peradventure, you have tried the about listed tips, and it still appears as though your Libido isn’t fully functional. Get yourself Libidex Power Caps. It helps to increase your sexual desires and increase your sexual performances.

One of the benefits of using the power cap is that it takes effect in less than an hour and lasts for 24 hours.