Can Watching Movies Help You with Adult Hookups?

Donna D’ErricoNow, you’ve probably spent some time in front of the silver screen. You’ve probably watched all sorts of action movies or even comic book movies and had a good time. Now, if you’re reading this, you’ve also tried online dating sites and your experience there is probably a mixed bag. If you’re like most guys, the experience probably tilts more towards the negative than the positive.

You may be scratching your head and saying to yourself, what the fuck does watching movies have to do with stepping up your game as far as adult hookups go? Well, you have to understand that when you watch a movie, you’re not just sitting back like a sack of potatoes and letting the content hit you. It’s not a completely passive experience.

You can take two people and put them in front of a silver screen and the movie would play out and interview them afterwards. Chances are quite good that they picked on two totally different story lines. Chances are quite good that two different people can watch the exact same movie with the exact same plot lines, with the exact same information and walk away with two completely different interpretations of the movie.

This is natural, this happens all the time, and this is completely expected because that’s how humans are wired. We are all different. We have different experiences, we have different perspectives. We take information and we fit it into our personal narrative.

Now, I want you to wrap your mind around this principle of personal narrative because that’s what makes movie watching possible. A movie would only make sense and would only be entertaining if we fit it into our existing narrative. This is exactly the principle that you need to identify, zero in on, to master adult hook ups.

Watching movies and being mindful of your thought processes and how you put meaning together can help you when it comes to milf hookup. How? Very simple. When you put together an adult dating profile and you start messaging women, a lot of them would respond. Not the vast majority, but enough of them would respond. Now, depending on how you interpret that information, you can position yourself to succeed, or you can position yourself to fail.

Let me tell you, if a chick sends you a message and says, “You’re a fat pile of shit, fuck you!” you can respond like a typical guy and say, “Well, fuck you too, bitch!” But let me tell you, that’s probably not going to lead to you knocking boots and hooking up.

Life is like that. Sometimes you fuck around with a bull and you get the horns. So the question is, how do you deal with messages like that? How do you deal with ambiguous, neutral, semi-negative, full negative or downright hostile feedback? It all boils down to your narrative. This is why you have to tweak your narrative in such a way that you continue the exchange.

When a chick says, “die in a fire” or “you’re so ugly, your mom should have had an abortion,” that should not be the conversation stopper. In fact, you should use it as the beginning of the conversation. Why? A lot of chicks are actually testing you. A lot of chicks don’t want to fuck guys who are betas.

These are guys who can’t take rejection. These guys are fucking soft as fuck. Any little bit of a push back destroys their ego. In other words, these are the type of guys that women don’t want to waste time on.

So if she pushes you back and says, “you look like a pile of shit that’s on fire,” come up with something witty to throw back and this gets the banter going. Believe me, this makes you look very different from the vast majority of guys that she had told to fuck off and die. Do you see how this works?

So use your ability to reorganize information that you picked up from the outside world and fit it into your narrative to come up with a winning response system and a healthy ego system that would enable you to take even hostile feedback from chicks and turn it around. This is what will make you win.

Saying “fuck you” to a chick who hurt your feelings is not going to help things much. Do you see how this works? So use the power of narratives and the good news is, by simply watching a lot of movies, you get certain clues as to how your own personal narrative system functions and operates.