How a hook up changed my life for the better

I’m a girl who had never actively fantasized about other women before. As far as I was concerned, I was straight and that’s all there was to it. I had boyfriends in the past who tried to convince me to have threeways with them. It just never seemed appealing to me. Sex is all about having a strong man to hold you down and fill you up. That all changed when “Andrea” got hired at my firm. Yes, her name has been changed for privacy, but the story is real.

She was gorgeous

She caught my eye the second she walked into our building. She had curves in all the right places and her boobs were perfectly proportional to the rest of her body. She was sexy without having to try at all. I would catch myself standing over her desk to give her meaningless tasks just so I could look down her blouse. She awakened something inside me and I knew that I had to do something about. I was running the risk of embarrassing myself or even pushing my subtle flirting with her too far.

I wasn’t ready yet

I knew that I didn’t want to just go out and fuck a random woman. I was still on the fence about the whole thing and uncomfortable with the idea of lesbian sex. I decided that it was best to find a couple. I started looking on HookUp XXX and things quickly took off. I started talking to a couple with a girl who looked almost exactly like “Andrea”. The guy was super-hot, too. If I couldn’t go through with the gay part, at least I could get a pounding from a hot guy. We made our plans.

It was amazing

I was super awkward at first. I had no idea what to do. They had to take over and help me out. She laid on the bed with her hot body naked and proud. He came up behind me and started guiding my hands. He told me where and how to touch her. It was the hottest thing I’ve ever done. I managed to give my first orgasm to a woman and it was amazing. Now I’m over feeling awkward. I’m actively looking for single women to hook up with. I have a new life ahead of me, thanks to “Andrea”.