10 Tips to Spice Up Your Relationship from London Escorts

Natalie Roser
London escorts give their best tips on how to keep your relationship sizzling.

London escorts are some of the highest class, and highest paid call girls in the world. Beautiful, brilliant, and seductive, these women know exactly how to give men (and women) exactly what they want. So it should come as no surprise that when you want to get that spark back, these ladies know exactly how to do it. What might surprise you, however is that some of these tips have absolutely nothing to do with sex.

So read on to find out exactly what it is that keeps these women on top of their game, as we snagged the best relationship tips from five of the most brilliant West London escorts.

Date More

“One of the things that always blows me away when talking to my coupled-up friends is that they never seem to make time for one another. Go out on dates, get a little cheesy! Show up with flowers and pick up the check. Formally ask your partner out. Nab a nice cab service and hit up a restaurant or a club you’ve never been to before. Leave your phones on silent and just enjoy one another.” – Cleo

Leave something to the imagination

“Don’t show up looking like a prostitute. Make sure that you look like a class act. Have poise and grace, but also make sure your partner knows what’s happening underneath. Wear a reserved dress or pant suit, but have some really slinky, lacy, and fiery red lingerie. Send them a naughty bathroom selfie at some point during the date. So you can hint at what’s to come and then enjoy your partner peeling the layers off you, piece by piece.” – Nicole


“The thing that almost every single client comes to me for is to get some heavy stuff off of their chest. Clients just want to be able to talk about what irks them, without being judged. I just let them vent, for hours sometimes. Don’t judge, don’t offer advice or help, just let them tell you about what’s getting them down lately. For almost anyone, just an empathetic ear is the sexiest thing you can offer.” – Alex

Be a little naughty

“Don’t be afraid to push boundaries now and again. If you’re at a really nice restaurant, surprise your SO with a little under table action- just enough to heat things up. You’ll be tearing each other’s clothes off before you can get to the car.” – Alice

Start things early

“Start off by sending random, unsolicited sexy messages. Bonus points for sending them when you know it’s completely inappropriate for your partner to see them. This way they can’t respond, and you can get their mind thing about all the naughty things they’ll want to do to you.” – Bruna

Bring out the toys

“Don’t be afraid of using toys now and again. They can be exciting and fun, and change up a routine that’s gotten a bit dull. You can find toys that are suitable for couples as well as solo-artists. Friendly reminder here- just because you’re using toys does not mean you’re bad in bed. Even the professionals whip out toys to add an extra bit of fun!” – Cleo

Keep an open mind

“If your partner wants to try out something that seems really unusual, go for it. As long as your relationship is built on trust, and no one is going to get hurt (leave the rope bondage to the professionals),why not?! You’ll never know what might turn you on.” – Nicole

Don’t be afraid to reschedule

“Building that suspense and desire is super important, especially for long term couples. Don’t hesitate to reschedule sexy rendezvous, just make sure that when you do, you consistently remind them what they’re waiting for.” – Alex

Always be a lady

“Sometimes, it’s so much sexier to be a lady and to be treated like a lady. Give your partner a gentle reminder of how you expect to be treated, and then extend them the same courtesy. Let them take care of you, I think that gets lost far too often.” – Alice

Have, and give, confidence

“If you’re constantly tearing apart every little thing, or feel like if it’s not perfect, it won’t work – STOP! Try and go with the flow of the evening. Be confident that you look and feel incredible, extend that same confidence to your partner. Be genuinely excited to see them, and genuinely appreciative of their efforts. Appreciation and shared confidence will go a long way to keeping a relationship in top form.” – Bruna