Exotic Escorts London Give Tips on How to Heat Up Your Love Life

The professionals from Exotic Escorts London weigh in on how to rekindle the relationship flame that’s gone out.

Does it feel like somebody hit the snooze button on your relationship? Relationships can definitely tend to trend towards the Netflix and actually chill sector. Especially if you’ve been with one another for a while.

Just about any relationship has a tendency to get stale if you never stray very far from your comfort zone. When things become routine, let’s face it, they get boring. We’ve asked some of the professionals from Exotic Escorts London, to throw us their best tips for keeping a relationship exciting. Hailing from all over the world, these ladies have brought us their top tips for keeping your relationship hotter than a madras curry. Need to know what a Brazilian nan can bring to your bedroom flavor? How about how they keep it sexy in the Czech Republic? Read on!

“When you think you’ve really got your partner figured out- forget everything you know. When we think we know someone really well, we stop being interested in them, what they have to say, how they will react. We just assume that they fit into the little mold we’ve built, and we shut off. Treat them with keen interest and genuine curiosity for awhile. You’ll be amazed and what you discover.” LLayana, Morocco

 “Don’t be afraid of introducing sex toys into your relationship. Even if it’s something as innocent as massage oil. Slowly bring in the types of toys that you as a couple would like to explore. Even if you don’t use them every single time that you have sex, they are still a good investment, and will most definitely be used more than once. You have to be comfortable exploring your curiosities together.” Katya, Czech Republic

 “My grandmother always told me, there were two ways to truly seduce a man. One was in the kitchen, and the other was in your eyes. Take the time to really look at your lover. Make sure your eyes tell them just how desperate you are for them. Try a no-touch foreplay session, where you just sit and talk with your partner about all the naughty things you would want to be doing to each other. Even if it is on the telephone, find new ways to explain to them how sexy they are to you” Evita, Brazil

 “Let them be your hero. Let your man truly feel like a man. Be helpless sometimes. Let them pamper you and save you. Throw on a bit of theatrics now and again. Make them feel like you need them. I think men like to feel special like they are the only one that can help you. Make him feel like a hero and he will act like one. Women get too caught up in being independent and doing it all. Let them do the heavy lifting once in a while.” Alina, Ukraine

 “Stop worrying so much. Your partner loves you and thinks you’re beautiful. Let them show you that. Let them give you oral sex, and kiss you and touch you. Many of my clients, the first things they tell me are that their partners don’t want to be touched anymore. Maybe it’s because you’re tired, or you think you look bad, or you’ve put on some weight. Your men do not care about these things. I can promise you, they just want to make you feel good. So let them.” Soonya, Thailand

 “Buy some nice lingerie. Get your nails done. Go to a hair salon. Do whatever is necessary to feel sexy. If you don’t feel sexy, you’re not going to want to invest in sexy things, and that includes physical intimacy. It’s like, if you actually get up, put on a nice dress, and do your makeup and hair- you go outright? You never go to all that effort and then just stay at home. It works the same way with physical intimacy, if you put in the effort to fell sexy more often, then you will inevitably want to have sex more often.” Tonya, Carribean

 “Find a way to get out of your own head. Do something a little outrageous for you. Try role-play, or send a naughty text. Do something your partner isn’t necessarily prepared for. Tell them you want to take them to bed at two in the afternoon. Have sex in the kitchen. Book a hotel! Something that is unusual for the both of you. The worst thing that can happen in a relationship is that things get too predictable. Shake it up! Give him a little hand salute in the movies… something!” Alexa, Germany